We are now *Dorfman Orthodontic Group* or *DOG Orthodontics*

Smile Forever Guarantee


At Dorfman Orthodontic Group or DOG Orthodontics for short (and fun!), we want our smiles to last a lifetime! Nothing makes us happier than seeing our smiles in graduation, wedding, or retirement pictures. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of perfect retainer wear after you or your child complete treatment, and teeth may shift. 

That is why we started the Smile Forever Guarantee program for our patients. We want to make it easy to get your DOG Smile back, without the worry of paying normal fees for braces again. So, if your teeth shift and your smile changes, we will fix it for you at a significant discount! It is just another way we make orthodontic treatment easy and affordable (and stress-free) to our patients. 

Some of the highlights of our Smile Forever Gaurantee, include: 

  • No down payment for placing braces 
  • No cost to remove braces
  • Discount on purchasing new retainers 
  • Flexible payment options
  • Quick, easy process 

You can learn more about the details of our Smile Forever Guarantee at your complimentary initial consultation, or by contacting our office by phone or email. 




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